The Problem:

De-Risking SCADA Modernization

SCADA (Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition) is vast (spanning industrial, transportation, manufacturing, and infrastructure sectors), is outdated, and is stymied by modernization gridlock.

  • Analysts report the central SCADA customer priority is edge-node automation to improve performance and thereby overcome legacy SCADA limitations, including operator dependency.
  • SCADA systems cannot just be replaced, but must be incrementally modernized, where emerging edge computing frameworks are a key element, but not the entire solution.
  • Today, the brute force integration of SCADA with modern IT /OT is ineffective, costly, and complex.

The Need


SCADA and edge-computing platforms must converge to achieve edge-node automation

SCADA Modernization

Requires decentralization into a distributed intelligent control that is implemented in a tiered-hierarchy of semi-autonomous embedded, edge-node computers to enable simultaneous state management integrity between SCADA and modern edge computing platforms.

Edge Computing

Provides high-bandwidth data flows to improve state management performance.

Node Controllers

Embedded computers leverage edge computing to provide tier-level, closed-loop autonomy, transforming legacy SCADA manual remote control into ‘fly-by-wire’ robotic operability.

The Solution

Grid Pathway

Grid Pathway is a self-funded startup that has invented a disruptive Robotic State Engine (RSE) technology to enable critical edge-node automation controller capabilities.

  • Adaptive configuration, coordination, and collaboration services form a robotically-operable, isochronous-gateway to harmonize  industrial sector edge computing, (e.g. SCADA).
  • An ‘AI-enabled middleware appliance’ delivers RSE as an embedded, IoT-like device to be transparently-inserted onto the SCADA network edge, leaving the existing SCADA footprint intact.
  • Integration with modern edge computing creates an intelligent, distributed, real-time, semi-autonomous state management network.


De-Risking Grid Automation

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